Unlike some companies, all of our home professionals are full-time employees with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. Each Shirey Home Pro has a broad range of specialized skills which are extensively tested before we hire.

To give you an idea of our current level of know-how, our core team of seven lead professionals has a combined total of 210 years of expertise. That’s about three decades each.

You can be assured that the work we do will be completed skillfully, efficiently, safely and with integrity.

Donna Bade Shirey


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Believe it or not, Donna has over 45 years of experience in the construction industry. She and Riley started Shirey Home Pro (formally Shirey Handyman and Shirey Contracting) 30 years ago. Donna favorite part of her job is interacting with the clients. An avid reader who enjoys a good thriller.

Riley L Shirey

Chief Operating Officer

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A construction industry veteran with over 45 years of experience building homes, remodels and just working on a “honey-do-list” as a handyman.  With Donna, they started Shirey Home Pro (formally Shirey Handyman and Shirey Contracting) 30 years ago. Riley’s favorite part of the business is figuring simple, innovative solutions to complicated problems. When there’s an issue, Riley gets the call. On his off days, he likes to ride his bike.

Brenda L Long

Book Keeper

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Brenda showed up ten and half years ago and has become Riley and Donna’s right-hand person in the office. She keeps the place going. She loves to read and crochet in her downtime with her dog Sadie sitting next to her.

Michaela C Jones

Project Coordinator

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Michaela recently celebrated her one-year anniversary, and we’re proud to have her. She likes learning about the business and being able to help people’s dreams come true with their home. A true Seattleite, she enjoys cheering on the Seahawks, visiting Pike Place Market (and you thought it was only for tourist) and viewing the beautiful sites of the Pacific Northwest.

N. Ann Stob

Project Coordinator & Estimator 

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The newbie in the office only being their two-months but she has four years of construction industry experience. The best part of her job is getting to know the customers, learning the story behind their issue and finding the best fix to their problem. She enjoys camping and hiking along with Jewelry making. She has an Australian Shepard named Kodiak and a Siamese cat named Bandit.

Jon Elkins, CGR & CAPS

Sales Manager

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After nine years of being away gathering additional residential and commercial remodeling experience, Jon has returned to share and inspire the Shirey Home Pro team.  Jon has 26 years of construction experience, including all phases of building, with a focus on relationships, selling and project management.

Because Jon takes a personal interest in his clients, many have become good friends.  When it comes to anything dealing with their home, Jon is their first call.

Jon was born and raised in the area.  He likes any opportunity to get outdoors and loves it, even more, when it includes his family.

Mike S Hammerquist

Handyman Technician / Lead Carpenter

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Mike came to Shirey over five years ago with over 25 years of experience in the industry. It’s the variety of the job that keeps Mike going, every day he gets to work on a new project. Mike loves to read and use his skills as a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.

Steve Raymond

Skilled Carpenter

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Steve is very experienced in fixing and building anything in the house. A 19-year veteran of the trades, he is excellent at remodels and handyman projects. Steve relaxes with mountain biking on the weekends.

Brandon Deroiser-Zahow


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Brandon is our “newbie,” with eight (8) years of experience as a carpenter. He likes meeting with clients and enjoys the fact that every day is different with its challenges. Brandon is active in his church, enjoys bible study and volunteers in the local community.

Michael E Williams


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A very experienced veteran of over 30 years in the construction industry. Michael has been with Shirey for over three years and enjoys talking with his customers. Michael loves to listen to music and hanging out with his cat Stormy.


Handyman Technician

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One of the newest member of the team is Randy, who has been with Shirey for over a year and in the industry for over 15. He likes meeting and talking to his customers. When not working, Randy can be found outdoors camping or visiting car shows.