Did you know we’re also known for serving people with special needs? Our experts offer services that meet the exacting requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). We’re up to speed on the latest ADA codes and are skilled in tailoring each project to match your needs, home and lifestyle.

We design, build and upgrade handicapped accessible homes and provide disabled access to buildings to serve our community better.

Our specialized handicap construction services include a wide range of ADA-compliant services such as design and build of:

  • Wheelchair ramps *
  • Handicap accessible entryways
  • Wheelchair accessible kitchens including handicap accessible sinks, kitchen cabinets, pantries and food storage, refrigerators, cutting boards, stove and grill tops, microwaves, ovens, small appliances and more
  • Handicap-accessible bathroom designs/layouts that incorporate wheelchair-accessible bathroom sinks, handicap-accessible bathtubs, low-entry or roll in showers and barrier-free toilets

We also install a lift and carry systems such as elevators, chair lifts, and pulley systems to help improve independence and reduce caregiver strain.

And while not necessarily ADA related we also design and build home amenities that support people who are recovering from debilitating illnesses or injuries such as cancer or major surgery as we know that special features such as saunas, whirlpools and fitness areas help people maximize and recover strength, flexibility and emotional health.

The same knowledge and craftsmanship go into every project.

No matter what’s needed to make your home safer and more enjoyable, we can and will bring you our best.

* Note: As a proud member of Master Builders of King and Snohomish Counties, we are happy to serve as a community volunteer with Rampathon, a program that has provided free wheelchair ramps to King and Snohomish residents since 1993. Applications are available online at