2021 Tile Trends

We want to talk about how the difficult times in 2020 have affected home renovation trends.

In the wake of all the stress and grief, calming colors and styles are very popular. Colors reminiscent of nature are also trending because of all the time we spent inside during lockdown. This trend of bringing nature indoors is known as biophilia, which is another way to say we want to connect to nature and other life forms.

Tiles trends are no different. Calming neutral colors are the way to go. Pastel green, blush pink, muted yellow, soft white, light grey, mushroom, and sky blue are all lovely choices for any tiles in your home. They create a serene atmosphere in your home that is similar to your favorite spa.

If you consider yourself a brave person, you could also follow the trend of including experimental details such as gold flecks, metal additions, or an iridescent, holographic gloss. These unique aspects of tiles help your tilework stand out from all the other basic bathrooms and kitchens.
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One style that has carried over from previous years that are still trendy in 2021 is subway tiling. Subway tiling is not leaving the popular list because it is so easy to clean! In light of how much we've all had to disinfect shared spaces recently due to COVID, having easy-to-clean tiles is a must. However, if traditional subway tiling feels too 2020ish, consider placing it in unique ways like vertically or in a herringbone pattern.

Other shapes of tiles that are popular this year are squares, triangles, hexagons, and rhomboids. Placing tiles in geometric patterns, including chevron, is a safe bet. If you want something fresher and more daring, go for more organic shapes and natural curves for your tiling. Shapes reminiscent of flowers and crescent moons are eye-catching and room-making designs.

If you're looking for a more glamorous look, you're in luck because art deco is still all the rage! Squares, marbling, mosaics, and gold splashes mentioned earlier all deliver a timelessly elegant look.

If you're looking for something with more color, consider art patterned tiles like Moroccan or Spanish style tiles. They have a handmade, artisan look and feel that makes the whole room feel alive.
Now that you've heard of all the popular tiles trends for this year, you probably have more ideas for your home than ever before. If you need help narrowing down which tiles would look best in your home, we're here to help! We can show you what options are best suited for your rooms, or you can ask us if a tile you love would work well in your home. We're also ready to install whatever tiles you want so that no DIY fails to occur.
As a contractor we are proud of our work, and we think you will agree.
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