We offer three options for requesting a quote for handyman support:

Option one is the simplest, fastest and most common method for getting a technician out to your home. 

  • You call us when you are able to describe the type of work that is needed over the phone.
  • In this scenario, we are able to give you a ballpark quote for the labor that may be needed.  
  • If this estimate (forecast) fits in your budget, then we schedule the work and take your payment details 
  • When the technician arrives to begin the project, the technician 
    • Assesses the situation,
    • Determines if the labor factor is realistic, and if yes, 
    • You review and sign the work authorization ($105/hour).
  • Then we physically begin the work. 
  • At the end of the time scheduled, the technician will 
    • Confirm the amount of time and
    • Ask for payment for that day’s work. 
  • If the technician was scheduled for a return day, then based on performance, You can decide whether or not to have that technician back on the scheduled date. 

Option two applies when when additional information is needed and can be provided without a site visit. We have had a great success with this option. To launch this option, just

  • Go to the Contact Page and fill out the form. Add in all the pertinent information and photos. 
  • We will use the information and contact you with any questions, and then provide you with a quote.
Go to the Contact Page

Option three is mainly needed after we have evaluated the information you have provided by phone, email, or text and it has been determined that the complexity and/or size of your project warrants a site visit. 

  • We schedule a site visit, for which we charge a flat fee of $250.00
  • A qualified carpenter meets with you onsite to see and discuss your project. 
  • We use the information provided by the carpenter to draft a project estimate which is then emailed to you.
To get started with any of these options, please call us at 425-392-8301 or contact us.
As a contractor we are proud of our work, and we think you will agree.
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