Do Small Projects This Summer to Avoid Bigger Projects Later On

Do Small Projects This Summer to Avoid Bigger Projects Later On

Recently, clients have shared with me that due to Covid-19 they are spending more time at home. As a result, they are noticing areas around the house that need attention. Some indicate that they feel a bit overwhelmed. They want to fix everything they have noticed, but due to economic concerns, they don’t feel they can fix everything all at once.
This is where we can help.
We can make a site visit and review the list of items noted with the homeowner. And we can help set priorities for the work.

Water Intrusion
Here in the Pacific Northwest, water intrusion is one of the most  common concerns. It can lead to mold and rot and make access points for carpenter ants, termites, and rodents that can inflict significant damage before they're discovered.

Clean gutters and functioning downspouts are the best protection against water intrusion. Please don’t wait until you see weeds growing in them to have them cleaned. Gutters that are weighed down with debris and dammed up with rainwater will begin to pull away from the fascia and this allows water to pass behind them. If left unchecked, this can lead to moisture in doors, ceilings, walls, and foundations which can cause staining and unhealthy mold conditions in the home.

In addition, gutters and downspouts that don’t send water properly away from the home can result in soil erosion, basement flooding, and foundation problems. Paying attention to how water flows away from your home and addressing issues as they occur can save tens of thousands of dollars down the road.
Roofing, siding, and caulking also protect the home from damage by water and vermin. Replacing a few shingles, repositioning a siding panel, resealing a vent in the foundation before water, moss, or vermin breach the structure can help the roofing, siding, and foundation last several years longer than if these issues are not addressed in a timely manner.
Chimneys are a common source of water intrusion. Whether you have a brick chimney with a concrete cap or framing chimney with a metal cap flashing, your chimneys should be looked at every year. Concrete caps can be rebuilt relatively quickly. And placing an additional rain cap over the flue is recommended. Chimneys that are not recapped and tuck pointed can require a full rebuild in the future. Framed chimneys that match the home are especially notorious for developing rot at the base because inadequate flashing at the top allows water to travel to the bottom.

Wood siding and trim should be checked before adding another coat of paint. If there is rot in the wood, adding another coat of paint will cause further rot as it traps in the moisture. Replacing the spoiled wood before painting will provide longer life for all structures surrounding that area.
Windows, skylights, and doors will last longer when flashing and caulking is inspected and fixed early before significant damage is done.

Summer is a great time to fix issues.
Not having to work in adverse weather helps keep the project moving along at a faster pace, while also keeping costs down.
If you would like assistance putting together a plan to tackle your home maintenance projects, we would be happy to set up a site visit.

Complete our contact form or call us at 425-392-8301 to get started.

Jon Elkins
Published: July 24, 2020

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Don't be afraid to reach out. Tell us about your project. Is it a minor repair, a transformative remodel or something in between? We're here to make your home more livable, efficient and beautiful.

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