Finding and Repairing Leak and Water Damage Issues


Finding and Repairing Leak and Water Damage Issues

Results in Trusted Contractor/Homeowner Relationships!
One client was referred to Shirey Home Pro by a trusted acquaintance. The client needed a section of siding repaired. The damage appeared to have been caused by water intrusion. Shirey Home Pro reviewed the area, pulled off the siding, and found water damage caused by improper waterproofing around a shower. It was clear that, over the years, water had slowly leaked around the shower until it had reached the outside of the home, where it became noticeable to the eye. Shirey removed the siding, reframed the walls, installed proper waterproof backing, and installed new siding.
Another client who has utilized Shirey Home Pro since 2008 and considers us their personal home contractor for her two properties, recently needed regrouting for a shower in her primary residence. While the Shirey Home Pro technician was working on this job, the client mentioned a punch list of items that needed review before new renters were to move into her rental property. One item on the list was a water damage issue on the side of the house. To fix this issue, we removed the siding, reframed some walls and structures, and built out the roof line to create an overhang to help prevent future damage.

From a Leak Repair Job to an Exciting Remodel Project!

In April 2021, a family contacted us in need of a contractor to fix a water leak near their fireplace. The family found us through a referral from another contractor that was too busy to handle the project.
The leak became more complicated because the cause was unknown. First, we had to find the reason, repair it, and finally fix all the damage the leak had caused inside the home. While working on this project, we talked and learned that they wanted their master bathroom remodeled. To our excitement, they decided to hire us for their remodel, so we contacted our designer and got back to work!
A few months later, the client signed off on the master bath design, the materials arrived, and we set up our subcontractors' schedules. We then were finally ready to start their master bath remodel.
Luckily, demolition was a piece of cake. There was nothing too major to do, and, to our happy surprise, our technicians didn't discover anything crazy for a late 1960's home. Day by day, you could start seeing the new bathroom layout come to life.
Our tile installation expert especially enjoyed creating a meticulous layout using octagonal tile. This and other unique material choices made the project fun!
Our clients were gracious hosts to our technicians and subcontractors. They would leave out snacks, goodies, and drinks to take as they came and went! Over the remodel, our technicians spent so much time with our clients that they became family to us and vice versa.
In the end, our clients were ecstatic with the outcome of their new bathroom! It had become a bathroom where someone could genuinely feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

We at Shirey Home Pro were delighted that we had another successful project and happy clients!
We're now their Personal Home Contractor!
Published: October 19, 2022

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