Renovations for Your Pets

Summer is the season when a lot of people are making improvements to their homes. We've advised on how to make your home more comfortable for you when you're working from home and for your kids during remote schooling. However, we have not yet talked about how to improve your home for one type of family member: your pets!

Beyond having a good fence for your backyard and having wood or linoleum flooring to prevent stains, many projects can be added to your home to make your pets' lives more comfortable.
Woman grooming pet
Perhaps one of our favorite pet-friendly projects is a pet washing station. As seen on home improvement TV shows, they can look like your groomers, a stainless steel tub, or a tiled shower. They can be implemented outside, in your laundry room, or in your mudroom if your four-legged friend isn't very big, no worries! The pet washing station doesn't have to be nearly as big as a standard shower. They make washing your muddy puppy off before she drags dirt into the house almost too easy.

Built-ins are another excellent choice for pet owners. Built-in storage specifically made for your pets' things may sound too fancy, but it's very purposeful. Having storage to put your dog's bulk bags of food, treats, outfits, and toys help to declutter your home.

Built-in pet stairs or ramps are not only charming, but they keep your dog or cat from getting injured. If your house is small or you like a streamlined interior design look, you can have hide-away stairs or ramps by making them look like a cabinet.

Another built-in to consider is pet beds. Fluffy's designated space to sleep on is not just classy looking; it's also a great help when cleaning the house because you don't have to pick their beds up off the floor to vacuum constantly. If you want to make your pets comfortable, consider making them a pet cave. The cave is just a tiny, cave-like nook for them to relax and sleep. Dogs are big fans of this because most dogs innately like to sleep in cave-like structures. They like how the cave-like space limits noise and distractions to make them feel safe.3

As for our feline friends, we're sure they'd love a cat climbing wall to keep them entertained. It's as easy as installing some shelves and mini hammocks on walls in whatever room you want. Another feline-friendly project that we think you'd like is a hidden litter box. We can make a built-in litter box holder in a room away from the most used rooms in the house, the garage, for example, that your cat would have access to from its own little door. This way, you don't have to see or smell it while relaxing inside your home.

Speaking of little doors, we can implement dog and cat doors in ways that are practically seamless so that they work in the space and let your pet come and go as they please. Now, if there are rooms you don't want them to come and go through, say the kitchen, we can install half doors that slide, swing, or pivot to keep them out.
Lastly, we can install a pet feeding station. The station would include built-in bowl holders that could be hidden away in a cabinet if necessary. We could also have a water line spigot aligned perfectly with their water bowl so that fill-ups are a breeze!

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