She Shed in Duvall


She Shed in Duvall

A couple found Shirey Home Pro from a custom home contractor who could not take on their project. They wanted a “She Shed” for the wife to have a place to do her artwork and pottery year-round.
Before contacting us, they had a different contractor start the project, who left after constructing the floor framing and never showed up again. Once we flushed out all the details during the design process, we realized that the existing floor was higher than what the clients had requested so we deconstructed the floor framing to lower the footings to the desired height. When the structure started going up, our clients could see the She Shed begin to come to life.
One obstacle we faced during this project was using the previous contractor’s windows that were measured and purchased. Due to the size and placement of these windows, we had a more difficult time installing them properly than if we had ordered the right size and brand and had changed the placement ourselves. However, our technicians are true craftsmen who were able to make it all work.
Upon completing the project, our clients were in awe that their dream of a She Shed had finally come true. It was a testament to the benefit of establishing Shirey Home Pro as a personal home contractor. Our clients can call us anytime for any home project that they need help. With the outcome of this lovely project, we certainly have made a client for life!

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Published: December 14, 2022

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