Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring Cleaning Ideas

Now that spring is here and the dreary, cold winter is beginning to fade, it's time to think about the projects you'll need to have done to your house to prepare it for the warmer weather. We recommend you walk around your home, inside and out, identify potential issues and tasks you want to address.
Add to your list pressure washing your home's vinyl sidings, sidewalks, and driveways.

The winters, wind, rain, and snow have likely brought all kinds of dirt and weeds onto your house and walkways. Worse, it's probably grown moss, mold, or algae. It's best to get your sidings and walkways cleaned early before this causes damage and leaves an even more expensive mess.

Be aware that pressure washing can cause permanent damage to your home if not done correctly with the right amount of pressure. We recommend hiring professionals.

Call us at (425) 392-8301, and our experienced professionals can pressure wash your sidings, sidewalks, and driveways without any risk of damage to your home.
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Have your sidings checked for damage
Twice yearly, you will want to have your exterior sidings, trims, sills, and facia checked for gaps in fall and spring. Chaulking can take care of this issue. Gaps can let water get in, so you will not want them to stay long. You may also want to repaint areas where the paint is starting to chip off.

Clean your windows
Windows are no safer from grime brought by the winter winds than the rest of your house. We recommend having them cleaned in fall and spring.

Have your broken fences and gates repaired or replaced
If the winter winds were strong enough, they might have caused damage to your fences or gates. You'll want to get these fixed as soon as you can to keep out intruders like raccoons which can be dangerous to both your yards and you and your family.

Check your sliding glass doors.
Lubricate those stiff or sticky sliding glass doors to make them move smoothly again or replaced them if necessary.

Have your air conditioning cleaned
Just like your sidings, your exterior units can get dirt and debris lodged in them by the winter storms. If left there too long, this dirt will block your ACs' ability to blow air and force them to work harder, wasting extra electricity and harming the health of your AC.
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Have your dryer vents cleaned and replace your furnace filters.
As time goes on, dryer vents and furnace filters collect lint, obstructing circulation. In addition to making them operate less efficiently and possibly hurting their long-term health, they can be a fire hazard. We recommend having your dryer vents cleaned at least once every year and having your furnace checked by certified HVAC professionals twice a year.

Have your gutters and downspouts cleaned
Gutters collect leaves and branches that fall from nearby trees. If your gutter channels get full enough, your downspouts can get clogged, which can cause the water to overflow onto the sides of your houses and penetrate your roof. We recommend having your gutters and downspouts cleaned twice a year, once in fall and once in spring.
Have your roof surveyed for damage and debris
Just like your gutters, your roof can get covered with leaves, branches, and other debris from the winter wind and rain. Your roof will probably have grown moss and mold too. You will want to have your roof cleaned and repaired.

Have your exterior water sources checked
Some faucets and pipes are not freeze-proof. Water can freeze, expand, and cause damage to your pipes, leading to water leaks. The winter cold can also bring unwanted pests and small animals into your crawl vents. We recommend having all your exterior water sources, crawl vents, and perimeter shells checked twice a year, once in fall and once in spring.

Have your interior water sources checked
Check all sinks and toilets, dishwasher connections, laundry room pipes, and hot water heaters. You should also check even the rarely-used water sources. We recommend doing this every season.
Published: April 21, 2021

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