The Mistakes of Home Remodeling

Remodeling is always an exciting prospect. In all the excitement, it's easy to make choices that turn out to be mistakes. Here are some of the biggest and most common mistakes people make in home remodels.

Not Doing the Remodel Before Moving In

If you buy a home and have time and resources, it is best to get the remodel done before you move in because no furniture or personal items need to be moved or covered to do the remodel. This is especially true for a kitchen remodel.

Not Living in Your Home Before Remodeling

If you are a home buyer for the first time, you may want to live in and get a feel for the home and how your lifestyle meshes with the home's layout before remodeling. Especially if the house doesn't immediately need renovations to move in. If you remodel too soon, you risk making changes that don't work well for you with the flow and feel of your new home. It helps to get a sense of what it's like to live in your home before making changes.

Not Enough Planning

People often begin the home remodel process thinking they can jump in with a contractor and immediately start a buildout. However, working with a design/build remodeling company like Shirey Home Pro is best. A design/build remodeling firm helps you think through what you want, where, and how you want it done before any building work starts. A design/build contractor also helps you plan for and record materials and placements and can help you make different plans when unexpected issues occur.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

DIY should be "DDIY": Don't Do It Yourself. DIY not only has a high failure rate but also takes much longer than hiring someone. 1 You likely have a job that takes up a lot of your waking hours, so if you try to DIY, it will only get done during your non-working hours, which isn't enough to get a project done in a well-timed manner. Are you really going to want to work on your DIY home project after your job every day when you're tired? Many people who try to DIY end up calling a professional to redo or finish their work. 1
A design/build remodeler company and crew work on your project during their work hours, and it's a priority to complete it on time. Contractors also know how to get your materials for a better price than the home improvement stores, so they cost less than what you think you're saving by doing it yourself. 1

Only Focusing on the Flashy Stuff

We know how exciting the finishes are, picking the colors, design touches, wood tones, paint, etc. However, important things need your attention before you choose the finishes. These include where the pipes and electrical go, fixes to any damages and reconfiguring the home structure when necessary.

Inadequate Budget

We'll be very honest: your budget probably needs to be bigger. It's not uncommon for us to share with people whose only exposure to remodeling costs comes from TV shows. Most people will need to double their budget and have contingency funds available in case anything unexpected arises during the project.
A trusted design/build contractor understands the need and desire to get good value. With a solid relationship, they will have open and honest conversations throughout your project and help you prioritize the things you want from your remodel. This conversation will help ensure you have enough budget to afford the work, even after working through unforeseen issues.

Timing Your Project

The remodeling and construction industry is hot right now, but we're never too busy to add another great relationship. Do your research on remodeling contractors, interview your top candidates, choose one, and start the process. If you think construction won't be able to begin for months or longer on big projects, you still need to start now on the planning, design, and permitting submittals.

Waiting for Inflation to Come Down

While the cost of some goods may come down, the prices of most goods continue to rise over time, as does the cost of labor. It is best to move forward when you have the resources to do so, as this will save you cost on more than 90% of projects.

Insisting on Getting Three Bids

Contractors have learned that customers who insist on getting three bids are most likely to decide based on cost alone. When contractors hear this is the plan, they often won't submit a bid.
However, remodeling contractors will be more willing to partner with you if they know that as a potential client you are doing your research (online reviews and contractor-finished projects) and are basing your decision on the results. They know well-informed homeowners can have a constructive conversation about a construction budget range that may lead to a great long-term client/contractor relationship.

Being Your Own General Contractor

If you try to save money by being your general contractor and one of your trade contractors makes a mistake, the offending contractor has less incentive to make it right. Whereas, if you have a design-build contractor, that contractor has terms built into agreements with subcontractors that involve more incentives to get it right every time. In addition, the contractor has agreements with material suppliers that prompt them to deliver the right materials on time. It's going to take a lot more time and effort, and possibly more money, for you to get what you need than it would for a professional remodeling contractor.

Being Too Trendy

We understand the desire to base your design on trends, and you should be thinking in longer terms than a trend usually lasts. Make the choices you want, not the trendy ones you'll hate when the trend passes. The more decisions you make based on trends, the more likely you'll want another round of changes in a couple of years.
The solution to this problem is discovering what your true style is. To do so:
  1. Watch all the trends and look at them with a critical eye.
  2. Ask people who fall for those trends what the downsides are.
  3. Pay close attention to your friends' homes, hotels you stay in, and businesses you enter to discover which trend settings help you feel most comfortable.
  4. Have that information ready for your first design meeting with your design/build remodeler, who will work with you to blend your style and quality of life with form and function.
Remodeling isn't something that has shortcuts. The next time you find yourself ready to renovate, select the right design/build remodeling company. We at Shirey Home Pro believe in getting a project done right the first time, so we're here for your remodel whenever you're ready to leap!

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