What It Means to Have a Personal Contractor


What It Means to Have a Personal Contractor

A short while ago, my primary care doctor, Tom, retired and closed his family practice that he took over from his dad many years ago. I never realized how good I had it with him as my doctor until I began looking for a new doctor at these large medical centers. My wife referred me to Tom, and I saw him for about 18 years. Along with Tom knowing my health history and a strong understanding of what works for me, he knew my professional and personal life and how that contributed to my health. As our relationship grew, Tom began feeling more like a family member than my doctor, and I knew I could trust him to have my best interest at heart. Now, I have to start over, and I feel like I have to manage my health care and tell them what I need.
I genuinely believe that building personal relationships with a service professional is the best way to go. I have a personal dentist, Todd, personal optometrist, Teri, personal finance manager, Mark, and a personal barber, Robin. It took me trying two different doctors after Dr. Tom to find one that I believe actually cares.

What matters most to me is the peace of mind knowing that I have people in my corner, looking out for my future, and having my best interest at heart. When my medical professional says I need a procedure, I may seek a second opinion, but I don't look for three bids. When my investments are making money, I'm not checking to make sure Mark didn't make "too much." When Robin raises her prices, it's not time for me to start shopping for a new hairdresser.

I want to take this same concept of a familiar resource to the remodel and handyman process. What would a "Personal Home Contractor" provide? They would provide a trusted resource and advisor. They are someone who knows you, the history of your home, and all remodel updates and handyman fixes. It's all in a database with your "personal" contractor.

An additional benefit of having a Personal Home Contractor is you're not spending extra time on

  • Researching whom to call
  • Scheduling visits with strangers/companies
  • Waiting and hoping for bids to come in
  • Figuring out whom to choose to do the work
Instead, you call Shirey Home Pro your Personal Home Contractor. We make it a simple one-stop shop. We store your home's history, and when you call, we'll be there to be your resource and advisor.

Shirey Home Pro doesn't treat your home as a one-and-done project in order to move on to the next project. We understand there is much to do to maintain a home's value, from remodels to maintenance to small handyman projects. Our goal is to provide you with home services and advice, so you don't stress about your home and enjoy it more.

If you're ready to have us help you on your home improvement to-do list and join the family, please get in touch with us.

Published: January 13, 2022

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Tell us about your project. Is it a minor repair, a transformative remodel, or something for a handyman. No job is too big or too small. We’re here to be your home contractor advisor and help you make your home more livable, efficient, and beautiful.
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Don't be afraid to reach out. Tell us about your project. Is it a minor repair, a transformative remodel or something in between? We're here to make your home more livable, efficient and beautiful.

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