Why Use a Personal Home Contractor for Exterior Home Improvement Projects?


Why Use a Personal Home Contractor for Exterior Home Improvement Projects?

When you work with a contractor who knows you and your home, you get more than the work for a single project. You also get someone you trust to advise you regarding your prioritized project list.  One client describes this as follows.

Shirey Home Pro has done a great job of letting us know when to hire them versus when to hire a specialist. For example, when a retaining wall and fence were failing, Jon, the owner came out and walked the property and advised us to work with a company that specifically works to remedy soil erosion, while for other projects like gutter replacement he advised us to work with his company so that any unforeseen issues such as water penetration or mold could be addressed as needed. This project-by-project personal consultation focuses on our needs as homeowners, and we love that!

The Benefits of Using a Personal Home Contractor

If a project is for window replacement, we will work with you to decide whether there is water damage and measure the windows to determine if the windows will be the same size as those being replaced. We may recommend a specialized contractor who only does windows based on our information. However, if there is water damage, rot, or incorrectly sized apertures, we will coordinate the project using a combination of our skilled technicians and specialized subcontractors as needed. Together, they will ensure the apertures are correctly prepared and that any repairs or adjustments to framing, exterior siding or interior trim, windowsills, drywall, window treatments, and paint are completed with the new windows.
Suppose a project relates to replacing siding and garage doors. In that case, we will coordinate the project and pay attention to the trim, moldings, downspouts, caulking, and paint to see if additional work is needed. We would ensure that all the detailed work comes together to produce a quality result.
If a project relates to replacing a roof, we will coordinate the installation of the room and gutters, make any repairs to the fascia, and paint the fascia behind the gutters. The goal is to attend to every detail and to complete the work on time and professionally.
If a project relates to replacing a front door, we welcome the opportunity to coordinate the entire project. We will work with you in selecting the right door for your entrance. Then we might suggest adding an attractive side light. We would care for all the parts that touch or surround the entrance.
Published: March 21, 2023

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Tell us about your project. Is it a minor repair, a transformative remodel, or something for a handyman. No job is too big or too small. We’re here to be your home contractor advisor and help you make your home more livable, efficient, and beautiful.
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Why Use a Personal Home Contractor for Exterior Home Improvement Projects?
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Don't be afraid to reach out. Tell us about your project. Is it a minor repair, a transformative remodel or something in between? We're here to make your home more livable, efficient and beautiful.

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