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For over three decades, Shirey Home Pro has stood for honesty, integrity, respect for their clients, and quality. Jon Elkins, the new owner, has been in the construction industry for over 30 years and has been working in the remodeling and home repair industry for the last 15 years. He plans to continue serving Shirey Home Pro’s clients with the same level of care. He believes that the best way to support clients is to become their Personal Home Contractor as we advise and implement attractive durable long-lasting improvements.

Jon started working at Shirey in 2004, left for eight years to learn more about the business from another perspective, and returned two years ago. He planned to buy the company from Donna and Riley Shirey. Jon says, “Being part of the process in helping people realize their dreams for a better quality of life and ensuring their investments in their home becomes rewarding. I’m fortunate. Every morning I know that I’ll be able to work with the great team at Shirey Home Pro. It is a fun and exciting time to have the opportunity to inspire, mentor, and guide them to achieve our goals.”
We believe in relationships, not just another job. Our relationships are full circle and start with the homeowner in mind. We strive to be their confidant and their first call for everything involving their home.

Our relationships with our vendors and subcontractors are a crucial extension of our team. We are partners working together for our collective success.

The foundation of our team is made up of our office and field associates. The communication loop is key and information flows freely. We work together to achieve our main goal: make happy homeowners, happy vendors, and happy associates for everyone’s success.

Shirey Home Pro is unique because few companies are successful at being a full-service remodeler where no project is too small while also having the expertise for even the most extensive home remodel. The goal has always been to give the homeowner peace of mind  knowing anything to deal with their home is solved by a simple phone call to Shirey Home Pro


Don't be afraid to reach out. Tell us about your project. Is it a minor repair, a transformative remodel or something in between? We're here to make your home more livable, efficient and beautiful.

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