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Rich Quackenbush

Rich received his AA in Construction Management from Edmonds Community College and has worked as a carpenter for over 20 years. His friends and coworkers describe him as dependable, easy-going, with a great sense of humor. In his role as a Service & Remodel Carpenter, Rich frequently communicates with the client and coordinates the subcontractors as they come and go so that the work is performed correctly within the sequence. He loves coordinating the project from beginning to end. Having built custom homes from the ground up for years, he has the experience and depth of knowledge to ensure that every job is executed correctly and efficiently.

Rich joined the Shirey Home Pro team 18 months ago. He was thrilled to be able to reduce his commute time and to join a business that does such a great job for their clients. He believes that quality of work and getting the job done right the first time is what brings clients back again and again. Clients who have remodeled one area of their home or property return to Shirey when they are ready to tackle another project.
The strangest thing that has happened while working at Shirey Home Pro was when Rich and his team got locked out on a third-floor porch when the owner left the premises. Thankfully, despite trees and foliage in the way, they were able to get the attention of a landscaper on the ground who helped “rescue” them.

Outside of work, Rich’s favorite activities are golf and softball. We are thankful to have Rich on our team and recommend him to you wholeheartedly for any project you may have.


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