When Should I Remodel My Home?


When Should I Remodel My Home?

You should choose to remodel your home when: 

  • You want to use space in ways that the current configuration won’t allow
  • It’s time to update old cabinets, floors, and appliances
  • You need to update an outdated design to enjoy it more or make the home more attractive for sale.

Most remodeling jobs will cost more than the upgrades will increase the home’s value. Therefore, the key is to base your remodel decisions on improving the quality of life of those inhabiting the house rather than on any short-term, monetary value change.

For some, a remodel is a desire to capture a new trend in the home layout. For most, a remodel is for improving the home to meet lifestyle changes. For example, you may want to change your kitchen to host more meal-related activities in your home for your social group or your growing family. Maybe you want to make a space (such as a bathroom or bedroom) more accessible for a family member who has difficulty climbing stairs or navigating tiny passageways. You might want to add a home office or home library area. You might be inspired by the family situation described in the article “Remodel for the Family”. Like that client, you may want a better space for the family to watch movies and play games.

Most of us have a laundry list of improvements we’d like to make to our homes. Ways to prioritize this list are to consider the following questions: 

  • What improvements are needed to retain the value of the home? 
  • What improvements would positively impact the activities my family spends the most time doing? 
  • What improvements would give me the most joy? 
  • What improvements would allow me or my family members to stay in the home longer?
You could even make a grid with these questions on the left axis and your family members’ names along the top and take turns filling in the blanks. Then you could review the chart and look for commonalities, noting which spaces in your home are referenced most by the responses. 
What Improvements
Needed to retain the home value?
Kitchen, Family Room Addition Bathroom
Laundry Room
Family Room Addition
Family Room
Family Room
Positive impact on the family activities
Cooking Entertaining Watching TV Game Night
Watching TV/Movies Workshop Entertaining
Watching TV/Movies
Game Night
Watching TV Game Night Cooking Having Friends Stay Over
Would give us the most joy?
Kitchen Family Room Addition
Laundry Room
Family Room Movie Room
Family Room Movie Room
Family Room Game Room
Movie Room
Allow me or my family to stay in the home longer?
Kitchen Bathroom
Laundry Room Addition
Kitchen Bathroom
Laundry Room Addition
As your Personal Home Contractor, we would be happy to join in on your family’s conversations as you sort through priorities. We enjoy the opportunity to help clients create a home improvement plan and work with you to develop the schedule for each phase of the project list.
Published: August 18, 2023

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When Should I Remodel My Home?
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